Flexco has recently learned that two unrelated mechanical failures have occurred as a result of the Flex-Lifter™ Conveyor Belt Lifter exceeding the recommended maximum vertical height limit. Exceeding recommended capacities may cause sudden structural collapse. Because of these recent events, Flexco recommends that all Flex-Lifters in operation be retrofit with an additional safety mechanism, a Retrofit Stop Kit, provided by Flexco at no charge.

We want to make certain the installation of the Flex-Lifter Retrofit Stop Kit is a top priority.

This safety upgrade applies only to Flex-Lifter Conveyor Belt Lifters with the serial numbers indicated below, and does not apply to any other Flexco maintenance products within this serial number range. This Retrofit is required on all Flex-Lifters within the following Serial Numbers:

The Retrofit Stop Kit is available at no charge. If your Flex-Lifter is part of this safety alert, please contact your local Flexco Sales Representative or local Flexco Customer Service. Provide your serial number and Flex-Lifter Size and Flexco will provide you with a Flex-Lifter Retrofit Stop Kit.

Retrofit Stop Kit Support Materials

Upgrade Notice