Global Customers Relying on Mechanical Belt Fastening Solutions from Flexco

Chicago O'Hare International Airport relies on Clipper® Wire Hooks

  • Voted the "Best Airport in North America" by readers of Business Traveler International for seven consecutive years (1998 - 2004)
  • More than 190,000 smart travelers make O'Hare their airport of choice every day
  • O'Hare International Airport offers more flights to more cities, more often than any other airport in the world.
  • ORD is the headquarters of United Airlines and the second-largest hub of American Airlines.
  • O'Hare rivals Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport as the world's busiest airport.
  • There are 6 primary air carrier runways
  • Aircraft operations: average 2,573 a day (81% commercial, 17% air taxi, 2% transient general aviation)
  • Over 1.7 million tons of cargo is moved through O'Hare airport every year.
  • Over 76.5 million people passed through O'Hare in 2005.

Dubai International Airport relies on Clipper® Wire Hooks

  • Dubai International Airport strives to cement its status as the region's major transit hub, with more than 100 airlines flying to 160 destinations worldwide.
  • Within the last seven years Dubai doubled its passengers, in 2005 hitting 24.7 million, and by 2010, an estimated 60 million travelers will pass through the terminals.
  • 1.3 million tons of cargo move through Dubai International Airport every year. Expansion program is currently underway to complete the Cargo Mega Terminal that will have the capacity to handle 5 million tons of freight.
  • Travel magazine Business Traveler Germany have voted Dubai International Airport the Best in the Middle East and Africa in a recent survey for the year 2005.

Germany’s Stuttgart International relies on Alligator® Staple Fasteners

  • 400 take-offs and landings every day in 2005
  • Almost 10 million passengers passed through Stuttgart International Airport in 2005
  • Airport provides helicopter tours for tourists who are interested in seeing the beauty of the city and the castles around it
  • Stuttgart International Airport website features web cams that provide live view of the Airport

Bangkok International Airport relies on Clipper® Wire Hooks

  • More than 80 airlines operate out of Bangkok International Airport
  • Over 25 million customers are served at Bangkok International Airport every year.
  • 700,000 tons of cargo are handled every year.
  • One of Asia's busiest airport, located close to Bangkok, city of 9 million people.
  • 14th busiest airport in the world.

Australia’s Sydney International Airport relies on Clipper® Wire Hooks, Alligator® Staple Fasteners, and Alligator® Spiral Lace

  • Sydney Airport's history began when in 1919 flying enthusiast WB Love chose the cow pastures as the site to establish an aircraft manufacturing facility
  • Sydney Airport, Australia's busiest and most important commercial airport, was opened in 1920 and is one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the world
  • Sydney Airport is one of the largest employers of the city, directly providing an estimated 62,000 jobs
  • 28.3 million passengers passed through Sydney Airport in 2005
  • Three main terminals can handle a total of 66 aircraft and over 17,000 passengers per hour
  • Five freight terminals handle more than 550,000 tones of airfreight per year
  • The International Terminal baggage system is capable of handling 10,800 bags per hour
  • Sydney Airport's runways are marked by 10,000 light bulbs and the center lines are repainted every 7-10 days

Tocumen International Airport relies on Alligator® Staple Fasteners

  • The only international airport in Panama
  • Handles over 2 million passengers a year

Australia’s Melbourne International relies on Clipper® Wire Hooks, Alligator® Staple Fasteners, and Alligator® Spiral Lace

  • Melbourne Airports handled over 20 million passengers in 2005
  • Melbourne Airport's Environmental Management System was accredited to world's best practice standard, ISO 14001 in June 2004 - making it the first airport in Australia to receive this internationally-recognized accreditation.
  • Melbourne Airport is a proud sponsor of some of Melbourne's premier cultural events, including international film festival and international comedy festival
  • Melbourne Airport is home to 150 businesses employing more than 11,000 people
  • Airport's website now features live flight radar

Acropuerto International El Dorado in Bogota relies on Clipper® Wire Hooks

  • Has world's second largest landing field
  • 8 million passengers pass through Bogota airport every year

Switzerland’s Zurich International Airport relies on Alligator® Staple Fasteners

  • In 2005 Zurich International completed a major expansion project in which it built a new parking garage, a new midfield terminal, and an automated underground train
  • A new baggage handling system was installed that can process 20,000 pieces of baggage an hour at a maximum of 15 minutes from check-in to aircraft
  • The number of passengers passing through Zurich Airport during 2005 approached 17.5 million
  • The most up-to-date technology is used to enable Zurich Airport to handle up to 80 flight movements an hour
  • A robotic baggage loading system was installed at Zurich Airport in 2004

Venezuela’s Acropuerto Internacional Simon Bolivar relies on Alligator® Staple Fasteners

  • The largest of the 12 airports in Venezuela