Flexco Belt Conveyor Products (BCP) Training School

Join Flexco for first-class technical training in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Review common belt conveyor maintenance issues such as carryback, spillage, and mistracking, while looking at safe solutions to help increase uptime and make your belt conveyor system more productive. Explore the complete line of Flexco BCP products in the classroom and then apply this knowledge during hands-on sessions at our training conveyor.  Experienced staff will show you how Flexco products can help eliminate belt conveyor problems while demonstrating their ease of installation and service maintenance. Click here for more information.

Day One:
Conveyor System Basics
•  Review common belt conveyor maintenance problems

Belt Cleaning Fundamentals
•  Belt cleaning theory
•  Customer needs
•  Fundamentals of good conveyor performance
•  The importance of service

Precleaner Product Solutions
•  Features and applications
•  Hands-on installation

Day Two:
Secondary Cleaner Product Solutions
•  Features and applications
•  Hands-on installation

Load Zone & Spillage Product Solutions
•  Impact Beds & Slider Beds
•  Plows & Skirt Clamp Systems

Tracking Product Solutions
•  Belt Trackers

Slippage Product Solutions
•  Pulley Lagging

Day Three:
Conveyor Assessment
•  Site visit to local gravel quarry
•  Identify issues
•  Explore possible solutions

Competitive Overview and Analysis


2015 School Dates

April 13th – April 15th
May 18th – May 20th

 July 20th - July 22nd

 September 21st - September 23rd


To Enroll Contact: Elizabeth Schneider

1995 Oak Industrial Drive
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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