Career Development

Flexco is very supportive of the growth and development of our employees.  We recognize that professional growth enhances motivation, increases engagement, and can lead to personal and professional satisfaction.

We post job openings internally in order to give our employees an opportunity to apply for new roles and grow professionally.  Many employees at Flexco have been promoted several times during their tenure with the company, and many have worked in multiple departments.

Flexco provides our employees with the opportunity to attend on-site training classes covering topics such as blueprint reading, shop floor math, train-the-trainer, safety updates, stress management, financial planning, and others.  The company will also cover the cost of off-site seminars and training classes as long as they apply to the employee’s career path and supervisor approval is granted.

For long-range career planning, a tuition reimbursement program is available to our employees.  This program is designed to provide financial assistance to our employees as they pursue educational and professional development goals.