Diversion Capabilities

Precise Diversion Capabilities

Our proprietary diverter technology lets you precisely proportion your load to each transfer point along your system – up to five legs for a single input. Online switching and splitting allows you to easily control the desired amount of material passing through each leg. There’s no need to stop the belt as material flows at uniform velocity and direction and is then softly loaded onto the next transfer point.

Reduction of Respirable Dust and Other Hazards

Tasman Warajay™ Technology reduces workplace hazards like spillage, which can cause operator injury and downtime. And because Flexco is dedicated to safety, we make it easy to comply with the standards of OSHA, NIOSH and other regulatory bodies.

In addition, Tasman Warajay™ Technology delivers:

  • Substantially increased throughput
  • Reductions in overall cost of ownership
  • Minimization of belt wear and noise
  • Reduced spillage and cleanup costs without expensive dust collectors, baffling and skirting
  • Compatibility with any conveyor orientation, including reversing conveyors and samplers
  • Enhanced compliance with OSHA, NIOSH and other regulatory standards
  • Incredible durability with virtually no maintenance for decades