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New Flexco Products Deliver Smooth Transitions at Transfer Points

June 22, 2016

Hitch GuardFlexco recently introduced two transfer solutions designed to provide smooth transitions of products over conveyor hitches and transfers. The new Hitch Guard and Segmented Transfer Plates prevent product and foreign object debris from jamming in the transfer, minimizing product and belt damage, increasing efficiency, and eliminating downtime.


Available for belt widths up to 72”, the Hitch Guard prevents foreign objects from becoming lodged between the belts at the hitch, which can cause longitudinal conveyor belt tears and damage to the products being conveyed. When under the pressure of trapped objects, the individual segments will release from the support bar to prevent belt damage, while remaining segments stay in place and continue to protect the hitch and the conveyed product. 


“Minimizing the time it takes to move product is essential to the success and bottom line of any operation,” Katie Hay, product manager for Flexco, said. “The Hitch Guard is designed to help operations avoid costly periods of unscheduled downtime due to product jams and the resulting belt damage.”


The UHMW segments of the Flexco Hitch Guard provide a low-friction surface for high wear applications, including package handling, and can easily be customized to suit any transfer width. Two mounting designs offer compatibility with most systems, including those with existing Scanner Eyes.


Flexco Segmented Transfer Plates are designed to cover the gap between conveyors that are positioned end-to-end, end-to-chute, or end-to-other conveyor structure.

Available for belt widths up to 60”, the transfer plates protect packages and other products from damage, while preventing belt tears and other damage from lodged foreign objects.


Ideal for package handling and Segmented Transfer Plateairport applications, Flexco Segmented Transfer Plates are designed to be easily removed for maintenance. Paired segments are available to accommodate gap widths from 4-10 inches.


“By combining any of our four segment sizes, the transfer plates can be configured for transfer gap sizes up to 10 inches,” Hay said. “This also gives the user the flexibility to offset the support bar mounting to avoid interference with the existing structure.”


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