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Increased Splice Efficiency From Flexco

May 25, 2011

Flexco recently added a cambered (curved) clamp bar to the Flexco® SR™ Rivet Hinged Installation Tool. The steel MSRT and MSRT8 Multiple Rivet Driving Tools now feature a curved clamp bar for enhanced heavy-duty belt splicing.

The design of the curved clamp bar maximizes belt conveyor productivity by establishing even gripping force across the entire width of the belt.

“The clamp bar is essential to obtaining a good splice because it ensures a more consistent splice when used correctly,” said Patrick Mukushina, product manager for Flexco. “The robust design of the clamp bar provides maximum holding capabilities, especially on thick, high tension belts where a strong hold is required.”

MSRT Cambered Clamp Bar


The addition of a curved clamp bar on the steel MSRT and MSRT8 tools come a year after introducing the aluminum tools with the curved design. The clamp bar on the steel tool is also designed with a gripping plate for increased clamping strength and operator efficiency.


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