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Laser Belt Square From Flexco Accurate, Lightweight, and Easy to Use

June 09, 2011

Flexco recently introduced the Laser Belt Square, the latest addition to its line of easy-to-use belt maintenance products. The versatile Laser Belt Square is accurate and can be used in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.  

Designed for use in a variety of environments, the Laser Belt Square can be used in package handling, distribution centers, airports, food processing, bakeries, belt fabrication shops, and more. Lightweight and portable, the 2 lbs. (0.9 kg) Laser Belt Square is ideal for use by traveling maintenance crews.

“With the Laser Belt Square, maintenance teams can quickly find the belt’s average centerline without complicated measuring methods, or worse yet, squaring off a worn belt edge. With this tool, an accurate cut line is determined in seconds,” said Beth Miller, director of marketing for Flexco.  

To square the belt, operators need to follow only a few steps. Simply attach the magnetic targets to the conveyor sidewalls, position the laser belt square on the future cut line, and depress the power button. Once the lasers are activated, the square is moved toward the side of the belt until the spring loaded pin extends below the belt surface. Using the pin as a pivot point, the lasers are aligned with the edge of the belt and a cut line appears.

Laser Belt Square

The Laser Belt Square operates on battery power and can be used for 60 continuous hours before batteries need to be changed. The power button, along with the rest of the base is fully-sealed to protect against dust and a direct spray of water, making it ideal for use in most conditions.

The Laser Belt Square can be used with other Flexco products, including the Flexco line of light-duty belt cutters. For more information on the Laser Belt Square or any of the other maintenance tools from Flexco, log on to

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