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Novitool® Ply 130™ From Flexco Makes Separating Belts Faster and Easier

August 16, 2011

Flexco introduces the Novitool® Ply 130™ Ply Separator, a tool designed to easily split a variety of thermoplastic belts. The easy-to-operate Ply 130 features robust construction, as well as consistent results for both finger-over-finger and stepped splice preparation in only one pass.  

Simple set-up and quick operation
With the Ply 130, only two adjustments need to be made before the job starts – setting the blade position where the fabric layers need to be separated and setting the depth minimum or maximum.

Unlike most separators, which require three settings to properly position the blade to the belt, only a single adjustment is required to position the bottom roller of the Ply 130. This simple adjustment precisely positions the belt where the splitting knife should enter the belt edge. The top roller is spring-loaded to the belt, allowing it to auto-adjust clamping during the separation process. Users can separate as little as 0.14” (0.35 mm), allowing users to create their own film used in the endlessing process.

The second simple adjustment regulates depth of the separation, up to 5.1” (130 mm). This maximum depth capacity allows for many possibilities in splice preparation.

Solid construction equals long life
The robust construction of the Ply 130 features a rigid, solid housing. Drive rollers are captured on both ends for stability, which also results in precision accuracy. The Ply 130 can either be moved to a specific location or mounted to a workbench. It is also possible to mount the unit on a cart, allowing for easy
 transport throughout the workshop.

Ply 130 Separator

Only one pass required
One of the biggest advantages of the Ply 130 is that it can split the plies as deep as 5.1” (130 mm) in only one pass. This is especially helpful when splitting very thin belts or belts where the material is difficult to cut.

“With competitive separators, the chance of belt damage increases significantly with multiple passes because of belt jams and roller flexing,” said Beth Miller, director of marketing for Flexco. “So the ability of the Ply 130 to perform accurately in only one pass not only saves time, but also provides consistent and accurate results.”

Safety First
While the features of the Ply 130 Separator make it faster and easier to split conveyor belts, other features ensure that safety needs are met on the job. The rollers are integrated within the main body housing as opposed to being exposed. Exposed rollers increase the potential to injure a hand or grab a piece of clothing. In addition, a finger catch-guard is also built-in to help prevent fingers from entering the blade area.

The Ply 130™ Ply Separator can be used in conjunction with other tools in the line, including the AERO™ Portable Splice Press and the Pun M™ Mobile Finger Punch. More information on the full line of endless splicing products can be found at

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