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Flexco Grand Rapids Starts Production with its Test Conveyor System

April 02, 2009

Only one year after the grand opening of Flexco Grand Rapid’s 50,000 sq. ft. expansion, a custom test conveyor system is now up and running. This conveyor system carries material in a continuous stream and at an accelerated rate while simulating real life applications.

The custom designed conveyor loop has an overall footprint of 13 x 46 ft.  Included in the loop are a variety of conveyors, including:  powered incline, decline, power turn and flat conveyors.  The 36” wide belts operate up to 540 feet per minute, run over pulleys as small as 3.5” dia. with an option to decrease to 2” diameter, and are subjected to various backbends.  

 “This conveyor system will allow engineers and market managers to test products in real life situations and accelerate applications for testing purposes,” said Beth Miller, Flexco Light Duty Market Manager. “We will no longer need to solely rely on outside resources for feedback and will have the internal capabilities to make modifications and adjustments. This will help us be proactive in making new products fit ‘real life’ end user needs and allow us to bring products to market quicker.”

The conveyor system was designed to focus on the package handling industry as well as other light duty industries and uses fasteners from the Clipper® and Alligator® lines.

About Flexco
Flexco provides the world's belt conveyors with efficient, safe products, services and solutions for mechanical splicing, belt cleaning, belt tracking and slippage. The company is based in Downers Grove, Illinois and operates subsidiaries in California, Michigan, Mexico, England, Germany, Australia, China and South Africa. Flexco markets its broad line of products through a worldwide network of distributors, under the brand names which include Flexco®, Alligator®, Clipper®, Tatch-A-Cleat®, Rockline®, Mineline®, and Eliminator®.

For more information, visit Flexco's website at, or contact the Customer Service Department, Flexco, 2525 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515-4200, USA. Phone (630) 971-0150; fax (630) 971-1180.

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