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Flexco Impact Beds Now Made in Australia

November 23, 2012

In an effort to improve delivery lead times for supply of their impact beds, Flexco have developed a new range of Impact Beds.

Manufactured and assembled in Australia, the new range provides the marketplace with an entry level series that is not only affordable, but in most cases available ex-stock.

Made with 75 mm rubber and UHMW polyethylene top coating on extruded aluminium bars, EZ Impact Beds effectively absorb the impact caused by falling material. The outer slider bar has long wearing UHMW to seal the load zone.

Flexco Impact Beds come in a light and medium duty model, which can take maximum lump weight of 25kg-m (light duty) to up to 100 kg-m for the medium duty. The designation kg-m represents maximum lump weight (kg) by drop height (m).The impact beds can work with a maximum belt speed of up to 3m/sec.
EZIB™ can accommodate belts widths from 600 mm to 1800 mm.

The Impact Beds can be set at three troughing angles:  20˚, 35˚ and 45˚, therefore, making servicing easy with troughs lowered for easy access to the bars and bolts.

Belt wear and damage is more pronounced around load zones. Using the EZ Impact Beds provide the user with the benefit of getting longer belt life, less belt wear and reduced belt damage, as well as less rebounding material degradation.

Flexco Impact Beds are designed to complement Flexco HD DRX™ Impact Beds. They can also be used in conjunction with Flexco Slider Beds for a more complete load zone protection system.

For more information on Flexco Impact Beds, log on to or call Flexco customer service on 1300 098 435.

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