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Flexco Introduces the Clipper® Laundry Patch Fastener System

June 04, 2013

Flexco recently introduced the Clipper® Laundry Patch Fastener System. Designed for use in laundry applications, the Laundry Patch Fastener System makes splicing quicker and more efficient than conventional installation methods.  

The fasteners integrate proven Clipper Wire Hooks with a heat and pressure sensitive polyester patch. When applied using the custom lacer with heated jaws, the fasteners are installed simultaneously with the application of the patch material. 

During the application process, the adhesive melts and permeates the laundry tapes to bind the fibers. Once cooled, a strong, long-lasting splice is achieved. 

Laundry Patch

“The installation is two and a half times faster, without even taking into account the dipping and drying process used in the conventional methods,” Beth Miller, director of marketing at Flexco, said. “Once installed, the hooks are covered by the patch material, which prevents linens from catching on the splice in the laundry feeding and folding equipment.” 

The two step process of binding and cooling is completed in a matter of minutes, saving time and eliminating the need for storage while drying, without generating noxious fumes.

Available in either galvanized or 316L stainless steel, the fasteners are pre-cut to belt widths with leading and trailing ends. Corrugated Perlon corrosion-free hinge pins are included with each box of fasteners, providing lubrication to the splice joint while discouraging pin migration.

Patches come in 35 mm widths and can be used on PVC, PU, Cotton and cotton mix tape, and filter belts with thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 3 mm. Laundry Patch Fasteners are installed using the high-speed, electric hydraulic Pro-150 Lacer with heated jaws or with the manually-operated Pro-120, which also has heated jaws. 

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