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Flexco Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver Now Compatible With BR™ Rivet Solid Plate for Use in Aggregate Industry

March 13, 2014

PSRDFlexco recently announced that the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver is now compatible with Flexco BR™ Rivet Solid Plate fasteners and installation tools.  This tool, when used in conjunction with the fasteners, speeds installation by up to 33 percent.


The driver features a dual handle for balance and ergonomic gripping, a heavy-duty drive rod for high-quality splices, and pneumatic driving power for a robust installation.


A single trigger pull per rivet saves both time and reduces worker fatigue. Collated rivets with washers and a specially-designed steel guide block assure that each trigger pull contributes to a consistent splice.


“The pneumatic single rivet driver really takes the guesswork out of rivet driving to give users a uniform, long-lasting splice every time,” Patrick Mukushina, product manager at Flexco, said. “The tool allows for more compression of the fastener plates which results in a smooth and consistent splice that is compatible with conveyor components.”


The air-powered, heavy-duty tool is built to last in even the most abrasive conditions and is protected by a portable carrying case that also makes it easy to transport.


BR Solid Plate fasteners are ideal for use in sand and gravel, limestone, crushed rock, hard rock mining, and cement. The tool is also compatible with Flexco SR™ Rivet Hinged fasteners, which are used in surface mining, coal and hard rock, asphalt plants, pulp and paper, sand and gravel plants, and other demanding applications.


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