The Flexco Process

Flexco has developed a process to handle each phase in the procurement of a transfer chute including the preliminary assessment, proposal, order, delivery, and installation. The following stages describe the general process and can be modified to suit specific requirements of a customer’s site.

Preliminary Assessment

Typically a request is made by a customer asking Flexco to review an existing problem transfer location (retrofit) or for pricing of a new (green field) system. In both cases Flexco will review the application and report to the customer on whether Flexco has a high level of confidence that this is a practical application for Tasman Warajay™ Technology. At this initial stage, Flexco relies on information provided by the customer including a completed data sheet, photographs of the existing location, all relevant drawings and material samples. Provided that the information requested is gathered and supplied by the customer, this initial assessment is at no cost. Alternatively, Flexco can undertake this process of information gathering for an agreed price.
These budget prices are provided as an indicative cost and are subject to client specifications in construction materials, protective coatings, lining type and thickness, actuation if applicable, preferred belt cleaning arrangements, and preferred fines recovery methods. As part of this evaluation Flexco provides a firm, commercial offer to undertake a full preliminary design.

Proposal Submission

This stage happens when a high level of confidence has been expressed by Flexco that the use of Tasman Warajay Technology is suitable for the application and the customer elects to proceed to a stage of a fixed price quotation.
Exact pricing of a system involves identification of specific customer requirements, and sufficient design engineering to identify all components, construction materials and physical size. At this time, some of the site dimensions and constraints will need to be physically confirmed. Flexco takes this preliminary design stage very seriously. If the system is designed based on the correct information, it can be installed without problems and perform to expectation.
During this stage, it is common to have technical input from the customer through a checklist to ensure that specific customer and site requirements are being met. At completion of this process, Flexco can confirm that the customer’s requirements and expectations are achievable and accurately provide a fixed price to supply. Preliminary isometric views of the proposed system and a detailed technical report are also provided.

Order Placement

On receipt of an official order, Flexco will initiate an information confirmation procedure prior to commencing full design engineering, including parametric modeling, detailing, fabrication, wear-lining, protective coating, assembly, and transport to site.
The design and manufacturing approach is highly integrated with each process relying on its predecessor. As a result, Flexco can ensure customers receive a high quality product and can offer a complete performance and manufacturing warranty.

Solution Installation

To minimize downtime, we work with you to determine the best time and method for installing your transfer chute solution. This process takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Freight and insurance is covered by Flexco. The customer is responsible for unloading and storing at the site. Installation drawings and detailed recommended installation procedures are forwarded to the customer. The customer can then elect to install the system internally or issue these drawings to local installation contractors for competitive bidding. Flexco can also provide technical support, acting on behalf of the customer, during the installation and commissioning process on a schedule of rates basis, or alternatively provide full project management services for the complete installation and commissioning process.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We're committed to your complete satisfaction and meeting your expectations.