PTEZ™ Belt Trainer

The PTEZ™ Belt Trainer provides Flexco yet another high-performance tracking idler at an economical price point. Applying our patented PTEZ mechanism to our unique “Pivot and Tilt” feature, the PTEZ responds and compensates immediately to belt misalignment using the tapered end roller profile to engage the training action. This ensures that the belt stays away from the structure and the material stays on the belt without the use of sensor or edge rollers. As a result, PTEZ may be used in nearly any application to provide tracking and prevent damage to the belt or structure.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Performance
    • Pivot and tilt technology provides two forces to track your belt, making it more effective than wobblers or pivot-only trainers
    • Standard urethane lagging for exceptional life over conventional rubber lagged trainers
  • Easy Ordering and Installation
    • Designed to meet instant demands for training solutions, the PTEZ is available with a short lead time
    • The simple brackets and component construction ensures a quick and easy installation
    • Installs easily on clean side of belt when the belt is cupped
  • Universal Design
    • Drops into current return roller location
    • Designed for CEMA standard structure
      (PTEZ HD available with additional mounting options for underground structure )


  • Single-direction or reversing belts with speeds up to 1000 fpm (5 M/s)
  • PTEZ Standard Duty for medium-duty belts up to 1600 PIW; PTEZ HD for belts up to 2400 PIW
  • Belts with edge damage or wear and belts mistracking to one or both sides
  • Wet or dry conditions
  • Underground mining, hard rock, metal mining, aggregate, and bulk material handling
[Change to Metric]
Belt Width (inch)Item CodeOrdering NumberDescription
1890265PTEZ-18PTEZ Return Belt Trainer™
2490266PTEZ-24PTEZ Return Belt Trainer™
3090267PTEZ-30PTEZ Return Belt Trainer™
3690268PTEZ-36PTEZ Return Belt Trainer™
4290269PTEZ-42PTEZ Return Belt Trainer™
4890270PTEZ-48PTEZ Return Belt Trainer™
4290616PTEZHD-42/1050HD PTEZ™
4890617PTEZHD-48/1200HD PTEZ™
5490618PTEZHD-54/1350HD PTEZ™
6090619PTEZHD-60/1500HD PTEZ™
7290620PTEZHD-72/1800HD PTEZ™
8490621PTEZHD-84/2100HD PTEZ™
5690795PTEZHD-56/1400HD PTEZ™
6490796PTEZHD-64/1600HD PTEZ™
8090797PTEZHD-80/2000HD PTEZ™
4290798PTEZHD-42/1050-UGHD PTEZ™
4890799PTEZHD-48/1200-UGHD PTEZ™
5490800PTEZHD-54/1350-UGHD PTEZ™
6090801PTEZHD-60/1500-UGHD PTEZ™
7290802PTEZHD-72/1800-UGHD PTEZ™