Urethane Skirting


  • Urethane skirting offers a more wear resistant material than typical rubber, often providing as much as 3-4 times the wear life in similar applications.  The lower coefficient of friction reduces strain on the system. 
  • Works with Flexco series of skirt clamps that offer simple serviceability: RMC1/Pal-Pak, Flex-Lok and Flex-Seal
  • Uses soft durometer (65A) urethane with exceptional tear resistance to ensure a good seal and long belt life
  • 25’ roll size ensures easy transportation while the 35° chamfer eliminates the typical skirting break-in period
  • Suitable for most applications: single direction or reversing belts, wet or dry conditions, old or new belts, vulcanized or mechanically spliced systems
  • Rated for temperatures from -20° F to 180° F (-30° C to 82° C)
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