Clipper® G Series™ Lacing


Clipper® G Series™ Lacing is precision stamped from 316L stainless steel and then machine-applied for consistent compression, resulting in a uniform and flat splice. G Series™ lacing features a staggered-leg design with four alternating leg lengths. These varying points of belt penetration provide additional strength and durability for the finished splice.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flat, low-profile splice is ideal for application with slider beds
  • Machine-application results in a uniform, flat splice – even on belts prone to belt wave
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel for demanding applications
  • Staggered leg geometry increases the strength and durability of the splice
  • Precision stamping ensures a consistent pitch over the entire length of the lacing for easier machine installation


  • Designed for use with PVC, PU, and PES belting
  • Ideal for use in food manufacturing, package and parts handling, and filter media
  • Multiple Installation Methods: Maintenance Lacers with Roller Lacing Technology™ or Production Lacers for high-volume product lacing


For belts from .059" – .197" (1.5mm – 5mm) thick and minimum pulley diameters from 1.6" – 3" (40mm – 75mm)

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Product SizeMin Pulley DiamBelt ThicknessApprox. Hinge Pin Diameter
G0051 3/5"5/64" - 3/32"0.055"
G005A1 3/5"1/16" - 5/64"0.047"
G0062"3/32" - 9/64"0.055"
G006A2"5/64" - 3/32"0.047"
G0083"1/8" - 3/16"0.079"