MHS Heavy-Duty and Reversing Secondary Cleaner

The MHS Heavy-Duty and Reversing Secondary Belt Cleaner is designed to deliver and maintain superior cleaning efficiency –– even on the most demanding, abusive beltlines.

Features and Benefits:

  • 6" (150 mm) segmented blades that are independently tensioned by our patent-pending PowerFlex™ cushions
  • Each cushion has two tensioning segments – a geometrically-shaped, stainless steel spring plate and a torsion element – working in tandem to provide a self adjusting tensioner
  • Self-adjusting tensioner that maintains optimal blade-to-belt contact
  • Tungsten carbide blade tips for unbeatable carryback removal
  • Laid-back blade angle for powerful cleaning without the risk of damage to belts or mechanical fasteners
  • Ability to visually inspect tension by simply measuring tension spring


  • Available in a reversing model equipped with stainless steel shields for belts that travel in both directions
  • Available with secondary air/water tensioner (SAT)
  • Available with two blade options –– C-Tips for mechanically fastened belts or V-Tips for vulcanized belts
  • Additional cleaner sizes available upon request
  • Portable Air Tensioners (PAT) available


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, and bulk material handling
  • For belt widths from 18" – 84" (450 – 2100 mm); poles can accommodate belt widths plus 54" (1350 mm)
  • Can be mounted optimal 4" (100 mm) from the transition point where the belt leaves the head pulley or any location down the beltline

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Product SizeBelt Width (inch)Max Belt Speed (fpm)Tips RequiredItem CodeDescription
MHS-24241200475910MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-30301200575911MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-36361200675912MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-42421200775913MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-48481200875914MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-54541200975915MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-606012001075916MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-727212001275917MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-18V181200376169MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-24V241200476170MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-30V301200576171MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-36V361200676172MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-42V421200776173MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-48V481200876174MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-54V541200976175MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-60V6012001076176MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-72V7212001276177MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-24R241200476613MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-30R301200576614MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-36R361200676615MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-42R421200776616MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-48R481200876617MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-54R541200976618MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-60R6012001076619MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-72R7212001276620MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-84R8412001476621MHS Secondary Reversing with C-Tip
MHS-18RV181200376646MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-24RV241200476647MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-30RV301200576648MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-36RV361200676649MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-42RV421200776650MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-48RV481200876651MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-54RV541200976652MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-60RV6012001076653MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-72RV7212001276654MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-848412001476803MHS Secondary with C-Tip
MHS-84V8412001476804MHS Secondary with V-Tip
MHS-84RV8412001476805MHS Secondary Reversing with V-Tip
MHS-24P241200478736MHS Secondary with C-Tip with PAT
MHS-30P301200578737MHS Secondary with C-Tip with PAT
MHS-60P6012001078742MHS Secondary with C-Tip with PAT
MHS-72P7212001278743MHS Secondary with C-Tip with PAT
MHS-84P8412001478744MHS Secondary with C-Tip with PAT
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