Motorized Brush Cleaner

Chevron, cleated and raised-rib belts present a special problem for efficient cleaning. The Motorized Brush Cleaner is an ideal option for cleaning these belts. It also performs well as the second or third cleaner in a system with worn or pitted belts, as the bristles effectively dislodge trapped material.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum cleaning — spins opposite the belt direction for optimal cleaning
  • Uniquely patterned bristles — aids in reducing material buildup and clogging
  • Adjustable tensioners — allows easy brush-to-belt adjustment as the bristles wear
  • Works on mechanically spliced or vulcanized belts


  • Ideal for chevron, cleated and raised-rib belts where a urethane precleaner or carbide secondary are not an option


  • Aggregate, sand and gravel, pulp/paper, wood chips, cement, coal, scrap metal, chevron/cleated belts
  • Available for 18-84" belts (450 to 2100 mm)
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Brush Coverage (INCH)Belt Width (inch)Item CodeOrdering NumberDescription
181879494MBC-18Motorized Brush Cleaner
242479495MBC-24Motorized Brush Cleaner
303079496MBC-30Motorized Brush Cleaner
363679497MBC-36Motorized Brush Cleaner
424279498MBC-42Motorized Brush Cleaner
484879499MBC-48Motorized Brush Cleaner
545479500MBC-54Motorized Brush Cleaner
606079501MBC-60Motorized Brush Cleaner
727279502MBC-72Motorized Brush Cleaner
848479503MBC-84Motorized Brush Cleaner
242479515MBRD-24Replacement Brush
303079516MBRD-30Replacement Brush
363679517MBRD-36Replacement Brush
424279518MBRD-42Replacement Brush
484879519MBRD-48Replacement Brush
545479520MBRD-54Replacement Brush
606079521MBRD-60Replacement Brush
727279522MBRD-72Replacement Brush
848479523MBRD-84Replacement Brush
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