AERO® Portable Splice Press

Everything you need to make the perfect splice in a conveyor belt is integrated in the AERO® - no more hoses, couplings, air pump, control box or water tank.

Features and Benefits:

  • Only 7 - 12 minutes to splice a conveyor belt
  • Easy to operate & excellent splice repeatability
  • Temperature control and integrated air cooling
  • All-in-one unit, no external components
  • Flight case included with the splice press
  • Workshop Stand for use with 900, 1200 and 1500mm Aero® presses
  • Use New Aero® Splicing Tape to quickly secure punched fingers for splicing.


  • Available in 5 Sizes: 12" (300mm), 24" (600mm), 36" (900mm), 48" (1200mm), 60" (1500mm)
  • Aero® Stand
  • Power Cables: 1-phase x 230V, 3-phase x 230V, 3-phase x 400V+N, 3-phase x 460V


  • Belt shops
  • On-site jobs
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Product SizeItem CodeSplice Width (inch)Weight (lbs)Description
AERO 300080001251300mm Splicing Press
AERO 600080012473600mm Splicing Press
AERO 900080023694900mm Splicing Press
AERO 120008003481161200mm Splicing Press
AERO 150008004601371500mm Splicing Press
AERO-CABLE-230V3PH080053-phase x 230V Power Cable
AERO-CABLE-230V1PHU 080061-phase x 230V Power Cable
AERO-CABLE-400V3PH080073-phase x 400V+N Power Cable
AERO-CABLE-460V3PH080083-phase x 460V Power Cable
Aero-Stand08114311Aero Press Stand
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