P-Type® Secondary Cleaner

The P-Type® belt cleaner is a compact, secondary cleaner that delivers effective cleaning capability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Independently tensioned 6‘’ (150 mm) blades that conform to irregular contours of any belt surface
  • Impact-resistant, tungsten carbide C-Tips interface smoothly with Flexco mechanical fasteners, while V-Tips are utilized on vulcanized belts only
  • Long-term cleaning with minimal maintenance
  • The LS model needs as little as 5½ ‘’ (138 mm) of vertical clearance required for installation
  • LS model is the ideal solution for telescoping, stacking, and portable conveyors because inside mounting protects cleaner during adjustment/transit
  • Select Set™ Tensioner that enables push-up or pull-up tensioning to fit varying conveyor structures
  • Universal mounting brackets that enable easy, do-it-yourself installation


  • Choice of two application-matched blades (C-Tip & V-Tip)


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood products operations
  • For belt widths from 18‘’ – 72‘’ (450 – 1800 mm); LS Model 18’’ – 54’’ (450 – 1372 mm)
  • Can be mounted 4" (100 mm) from the transition point where the belt leaves the head pulley or any location down the beltline


[Change to Metric]
Product SizeBelt Width (inch)Max Belt Speed (fpm)Item CodeTips RequiredDescription
PLSC18181000755883P-Type LS with C-Tip
PLSC24241000755894P-Type LS with C-Tip
PLSC30301000755905P-Type LS with C-Tip
PLSC36361000755916P-Type LS with C-Tip
PLSC42421000755927P-Type LS with C-Tip
PLSC48481000755938P-Type LS with C-Tip
PLSC54541000755949P-Type LS with C-Tip
PC18181000745663P-Type with C-Tip
PC24241000745674P-Type with C-Tip
PC30301000745685P-Type with C-Tip
PC36361000745696P-Type with C-Tip
PC42421000745707P-Type with C-Tip
PC48481000745718P-Type with C-Tip
PC54541000745729P-Type with C-Tip
PC606010007457310P-Type with C-Tip
PC727210007457412P-Type with C-Tip
PV18181000784533P-Type with V-Tip
PV24241000784154P-Type with V-Tip
PV30301000784175P-Type with V-Tip
PV36361000784196P-Type with V-Tip
PV42421000784217P-Type with V-Tip
PV48481000784238P-Type with V-Tip
PV54541000784549P-Type with V-Tip
PV606010007845510P-Type with V-Tip
PV727210007343812P-Type with V-Tip