R-Type® Cartridge Secondary Cleaner

The R-Type® Cartridge Secondary Cleaner combines the reversing R-Type Secondary Cleaner with the Enhanced Service Advantage Cartridge  - a reliable, maintenance-free choice on reversing belts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Service Advantage Cartridge for easy removal and replacement
  • Simple-to-Install with a Versatile Tensioner Kit that can be mounted to push-up or pull-up the cleaner to the belt
  • Three options for locking cartridge in place ensures easy maintenance even in the dirtiest conditions
  • Innovative design limits material build up and prevents corrosion


  • Choice of two application-matched blades: C-Tip for vulcanized or mechanically-spliced belts and V-Tip for vulcanized belts only


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood products operations
  • For belt widths from 24" - 72" (600 - 1800 mm); Dual cartridge design for belt widths 60" - 120" (1500 - 3000 mm)


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Belt Width (inch)Item CodeOrdering NumberMax Belt Speed (fpm)Description
2477968RC24-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
3077969RC30-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
3677970RC36-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
4277971RC42-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
4877972RC48-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
5477973RC54-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
6077974RC60-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
7277975RC72-ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
6077976RC60-2ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
7277977RC72-2ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
8477978RC84-2ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
9677979RC96-2ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
12077980RC120-2ESAC1000R-Type with C-Tip with ESAC
2477994RV24-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
3077995RV30-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
3677996RV36-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
4277997RV42-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
4877998RV48-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
5477999RV54-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
6078000RV60-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
7278001RV72-ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
6078002RV60-2ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
7278003RV72-2ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
8478004RV84-2ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
9678005RV96-2ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
12078006RV120-2ESAC1000R-Type with V-Tip with ESAC
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