Tasman Warajay® Technology

Tasman Warajay®  Technology is a proprietary design process and related software developed by Flexco that is used in the transfer chute design process.

With this technology, Flexco designs controlled flow transfer chute systems with optimized flow paths. These flow paths provide the controlled flow of material by keeping it in a continuous stream throughout the transfer. The geometry of the system is designed to accurately control the velocity and direction of the material stream contained within it. This allows the material to stay together, with all fines and particulates entrained in the stream.

Material discharged from the system is deposited softly and uniformly at a predetermined velocity and direction on the receiving belt so material settles rapidly and without the turbulence that typically leads to spillage and dust generation.

Flexco systems are characterized by:

  • Proven low levels of dust generation, spillage, and material degradation
  • Soft and central loading on the receiving belts with impact systems not required
  • Reduced component wear and minimal maintenance and operating costs
  • Virtually plug-free chutes