The Flexco Process

Flexco has developed a process to handle each phase in the procurement of a transfer solution, including the preliminary assessment, proposal, order, delivery, and installation. The following stages describe the general process and can be modified to suit specific requirements of your operation.


Preliminary Assessment

When a need arises to review an existing problem transfer location (retrofit) or for pricing of a new (green field) system, the process normally starts with one of our Flexco sales specialists making a preliminary assessment of the application. At this initial stage, Flexco also relies on information provided by the customer, including photographs of an existing location, all relevant drawings, and material samples. From this, the sales specialist will be able to better understand the application, determine the issues at hand, and make a recommendation for a solution.


Proposal Submission

After the preliminary assessment is completed, and if a Flexco transfer system is recommended, we enter into the proposal submission stage. Exact pricing of a system involves identification of specific operational requirements, and sufficient design engineering to identify all components, construction materials, and physical size. At this time, a more in-depth analysis of the information gathered during the preliminary assessment is performed. Flexco determines what is required, given the physical and operational constraints of the system, and prepares a proposal that defines the proposed transfer solution, pricing, and support for installation, and commissioning of the system(s).



Order Placement, Design & Manufacture

Uponn receipt of an order, Flexco will initiate an information confirmation procedure prior to commencing full design engineering, including parametric modeling, detailing, fabrication, assembly, and transport to site.

One key part of this stage of the process is the design review. The design review is conducted as an online meeting where all relevant parties are invited to attend. During a design review, Flexco engineering and design staff present the most recent design work in a three-dimensional CAD format and explain all relevant features, issues, and concerns. We actively seek input during these sessions and manufacturing will not commence until the customer is satisfied with the design. The design and manufacturing approach is highly integrated with each process relying on its predecessor.



Solution Installation

To minimize downtime, Flexco works with the customer to determine the best time and method for installing the transfer chute solution. The installation can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the project. The customer can elect to either perform the installation on their own or have Flexco perform the install as a complete turnkey solution. Installation drawings and detailed recommended installation procedures are provided to the customer.


Either way, a Flexco Project Manager will be available for the project. Project Managers are the main point of contact during the project execution phase, coordinating the design reviews as appropriate throughout the design phase.