The Flexco Value

Flexco transfer chutes with Tasman Warajay® Technology (TWT) can handle the most complicated transfer point applications to provide you with the most efficient, industry-leading transfer system on the market.

The value of Flexco transfer chute systems is based on three areas in which Flexco has proven itself time and again: quality, expertise, and value.


Flexco provides the highest quality transfer point solutions. Flexco has designed and built the most complex transfer systems in the world – and they are proven to work.

Our proprietary technology is constantly being improved to satisfy our clients’ demands for increased system complexity, performance, and flexibility.

Flexco leads the industry with innovative, situation-specific solutions, like diverter technology over conventional flop gates, and terminal capacity improvements with a specialty in stacker/reclaimers.


Flexco transfer chutes are born of expertise that is trusted all over the world. The Flexco brand represents expertise in bulk material conveyor productivity trusted across industries worldwide.

Designing, building, and installing the most technically challenging chutes since 1984 gives Flexco the expertise in solving transfer point problems all over the world, and makes Flexco the unquestioned leader in solutions for free-flowing bulk material operations.

Flexco oversees and handles its projects at every step, from concept to commissioning. No job is complete until the client is satisfied.


Flexco transfer point solutions are the best value because they result in the highest productivity possible for your transfer operation. Flexco chutes are designed to handle full conveyor belt capacity continuously, so transfer point capacity is maximized and downtime due to chute plugging is minimized. Material is loaded centrally and symmetrically, improving conveyor belt tracking.

Flexco chutes load material on to the receiving belt in the direction of belt travel and at the proper speed to minimize noise, impact, belt wear, spillage, material degradation, dust generation, and power consumption.

Flexco chute system flow paths are designed to minimize or eliminate the need for ancillary equipment such as dust collectors, impact beds, and skirting.