Transfer Solutions

At Flexco, we believe that your conveyor operation is only as good as your material transfer system. We believe that all the parts of a conveyor should work together toward a common goal – increasing your productivity. That’s why our experts follow a thorough process to provide a comprehensive analysis of your system, making recommendations from transfer chutes to belt cleaners to ensure maximum performance from your material handling system.

With so much at stake, it’s critical to choose a transfer point solution that not only delivers maximum benefits, but is also backed by a recognized leader in belt conveyor productivity.

Since 1984, Flexco has been solving transfer point challenges with the most powerful controlled-flow technology on the market: Tasman Warajay® Technology.

Flexco transfer chute systems not only improve your throughput, but also reduce excessive dust, spillage, plugging, downtime, belt wear, and combustion dangers.

We specialize in assessing your transfer point needs, modeling data to accurately predict material trajectories and designing solutions that will accommodate your most demanding applications.