Flexco and You

By now, you know what you can do for Flexco, but what can Flexco do for you? At Flexco, employee engagement goes beyond a paycheck and insurance benefits.

Awards and Recognition

  • At Flexco, we celebrate the little things in life, including anniversaries. Whether you’ve been here five years or 45 years, Flexco appreciates your service!

  • A nomination by a fellow employee or supervisor could lead to a Flexco Excellence Award, a recognition program based on our values. 

Professional Growth and Training

We recognize that professional growth enhances motivation, increases engagement, and can lead to personal and professional satisfaction.

  • We post job openings internally in order to give our employees an opportunity to apply for new roles and grow professionally. 

  • We provide opportunities to attend on-site and off-site training classes.

  • A tuition reimbursement program is available to our employees. 

Events and Programs

  • Flexco gives you and your family plenty of chances to get to know us with year-round volunteering opportunities.

  • The Flexco Wellness Team offers seminars, events, and even healthy eating options featuring convenient nutritious snacks.

  • Participate in yearly health screenings to receive a lower insurance rate and go the extra mile for a cash incentive.


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