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Flex-Lag® Diamond Ceramic Lagging

Flex-Lag® Diamond Ceramic Lagging

Flex-Lag® Diamond Ceramic is specially designed to deliver the performance advantages of ceramic lagging - at a much more affordable price. Large ceramic tile is molded into the diamond section, providing an increased coefficient of friction compared to Diamond-Pattern Rubber Lagging.

Features and Benefits

  • 13 % ceramic tile coverage
  • Diamond pattern is based on rain tire tread designs for superior water-shedding characteristics
  • Advantages of a ceramic product at a more affordable cost
  • Ideal for systems with medium-tension belt drives and those that experience higher than expected wear on rubber lagging
  • None of the waste associated with conventional sheet materials
  • Available in SBR rubber and FRAS-approved rubber


  • Minimum Pulley Diameter: 12" (300 mm) 
  • Thickness: 1/2" (12 mm)
  • Temperature Rating: 5° F to 185° F (-15° C to 85° C)
  • Rubber Compound: SBR (Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber)
  • Rubber Hardness: 68 ± 3 Shore A
  • FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) - MHSA Certification # MSHA NO. IC-190
  • Ceramic Compound: Aluminum Oxide (Al203)
  • Ceramic Hardness: 83 HRA Rockwell Hardness Scale A
  • Roll Width: 8" (200 mm) 
  • Roll Length: 21 ft. (6.5 m) 


  • Use the Flexco Lagging calculator to determine the appropriate number of strips/rolls required for your application
  • Flex-Lag does not require removing the pulley from the conveyor system
  • A labor-saving cold vulcanization process with Flex-Lag Adhesive makes on-site installation fast, simple, and efficient
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Flex-Lag® Ceramic
Diamond Pattern
Total Thickness*
(12 mm)
Belt Width*
Any Width
Minimum Pulley Diameter
12" (300 mm)
Dry Friction
Very Good
Wet Friction
Very Good
Wet/Muddy Friction
Wear Life
Very Good
Ease of Installation
Drainage Grooves
FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static)
Rubber Compound
Hardness (Shore A)
68 +/- 3
Ceramic Compound
Al2 O3
Ceramic Coverage
Operating Temperature
5° – 185° F (-15° – 85° C)

*Additional thicknesses and widths available as special orders.