EZP-LS "Limited Space" Stainless Steel Precleaner
with White ConShear™ LS Blade

The EZP-LS features a compact design, but still includes the user-friendly and performance features of the industry preferred EZP1 Rockline Precleaner. Ideal for specialty applications where you are dealing with severe space limitations and pulleys as small as 6". The EZP-LS Stainless Steel Precleaner with White ConShear LS Blade delivers a big cleaning job in a compact clearner, with the added advantage of corrosion resistant stainless steel components. 

Features and Benefits:

  • With a pole length of belt width plus 30" (750 mm), the EZP-LS is compact and fits most conveyor structures
  • Compact LST tensioner is self contained and easy to adjust and contains visual blade wear gauge
  • Optimal material path cleaning that minimizes differential wear between the ends of the blade and the center
  • Patented ConShear™-LS blade –– proprietary urethane formulation and “faceted profile” design that renews the blade edge as it wears
  • White food-grade ConShear LS Precleaner is chemical resistant and all ingredients used in urethane formulation comply with the relevant requirements of 21 CFR (FDA Code of Federal Regulations) for use in repeated bulk dry food applications.


  • The 4.5" (115 mm) high ConShear™-LS blade available in two sizes –– Belt Width Minus 2” and Belt Width Minus 8”
  • Can be ordered with special options, such as stainless steel pole or high temp ConShear™-LS blade for temperatures up to 275° F (135° C)


  • Sugar industry
  • Primary cleaning position
  • For belt widths from 12” – 60” (300 – 1500 mm)
  • For pulleys as small as 6"
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Belt Width (inch)Max Belt Speed (fpm)Blade Coverage (inch)Item CodeOrdering NumberE-Catalog
125001077144CFGLS-212View Item
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245002277146CFGLS-224View Item
305002877147CFGLS-230View Item
365003477148CFGLS-236View Item
425004077149CFGLS-242View Item
485004677150CFGLS-248View Item
545005277151CFGLS-254View Item
605005877152CFGLS-260View Item
185001077153CFGLS-818View Item
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305002277155CFGLS-830View Item
365002877156CFGLS-836View Item
425003477157CFGLS-842View Item
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545004677159CFGLS-854View Item
605005277160CFGLS-860View Item