Alligator® Spiral Lace System


Alligator® Spiral Lace is ideal for belt operations with small head pulleys that require both non-metallic and low-profile fasteners.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low-profile, non-marking splice
  • Should be installed by a qualified belt shop with experience in endless splices
  • Removable hinge pin design allows for easy cleaning of belts
  • Made of FDA-compliant material


  • Available in white, black, and blue (different configurations available - contact Customer Service for more information)


  • Metal detectors, X-ray scanning, magnetic stacking, and metering/indexing
  • For belts 0.063 - 0.188” (1.6 – 4.6 mm) thick with mechanical fastener ratings up to 50 P.I.W. (8.7 kN/m) and minimum pulley diameters from 0.4 - 0.6” (10 - 15 mm)



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