AMIGO™ Splice Press for Monolithic Belts

Splices in monolithic belting must ensure tight pitch tolerance and be free from pinhole air pockets. Everything about the Amigo™ has been designed to do just that. And in typical Novitool® design, it was made to do it with ease, safety, and speed. Ideal splicing tool for in-shop or on-site splicing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Splice time less than one minute
  • Integrated cutter protects operator from blade during single pass cutting operation
  • Custom templates available to ensure accurate pitch splicing of belt from various manufacturers
  • Preheat function removes moisture in belt ends to avoid pinholes in finished splice
  • Contactless heating provides for a controlled amount of clash without actual contact with the heat source
  • Shielded heat zone protects operator from heat source during splicing


  • Available Size: 42” (1065 mm)
  • Power Cables: 1-phase x 115V, 1-phase x 230V, multiple plug ends available (SEE INSTALLATION TOOLS)
  • Custom Belt Templates


  • Belt shops
  • On-site
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Item CodeOrdering NumberDescriptionComing Soon
08545AMIGO-1000-SPLICEPRESS42” (1065 mm) Press
08592AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-VSDTemplate for Volta SuperDrive FMW, FMB, FHW, FHB
08591AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-VDDTemplate for Volta DualDrive FMW & FMB
08593AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-ITDTemplate for Intralox Thermodrive 8050 and 8026
08594AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-HXVTTemplate for Habasit Cleandrive CD.M50.S-UA.CB/WB and CD.M25.S-UA.CB/WB
08596AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-GCLNDTemplate for Gates Mectrol Posiclean PC10 and PC20
08597AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-GCNTRDTemplate for Gates Mectrol CenterClean CC40
08595AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-FLATTemplate for flat belts - with friction tape
08717AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-AFLATTemplate for flat belts - angled
08710AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-CVTemplate for Cog-Veyor UBM, UWM, PBH, PWH
08603AMIGO-1000-TMPLT-AATemplate for Ammeraal Aeon-50
03239RTBSSkiving Tool
08587AMIGO-1000-BLADE-5Replacement blades for Amigo - 5/pkg
08604AMIGO-FRICTIONTAPE-33X24High-Low Temp Friction Tape for Flat Belts
08586AMIGO-1000-CABLE-1X230-IECL620Cable - 230 volt; single phase; IECL620 plug (common in US)
08588AMIGO-1000-CABLE-1X230-IECBR3Cable - 230 volt; single phase; IECBR3 plug
08708AMIGO-1000-CABLE-1X230-CH2-16PCable - 230 volt; single phase; CH2-16P plug
08707AMIGO-1000-CABLE-1X230-CEE77Cable - 230 volt; single phase; CEE77 plug
08718AMIGO-1000-CABLE-1X230-BS1363Cable - 230 volt; single phase; BS1363 plug
08727AMIGO-1000-CABLE-1X230-AS3112Cable - 230 volt; single phase; AS3112 plug
08585AMIGO-1000-CABLE-1X115-IEC520Cable - 115 volt; single phase; IEC520 plug (common in US)