Flexco® Belt Grips – Designed to ease the process of pulling conveyor belting by hand. When the belt grip is slipped over the belt edge at a right angle, belts can be pulled without damaging the belt surfaces. Belt grips can be used on belts up to 5/8" (16mm) thick and come in pairs.

Flexco® Silicone Lubricant – Reduces friction on metal tools and rubber or fabric belt surfaces to make cutting and punching holes much easier. Spray top makes it easy to pinpoint the spray. The lubricant even makes cutting or punching holes in belting material easier. Non-flammable. Does not contain fluorocarbons. Ordering number is SL5-1.

Alligator® Hinge Pin Cutter– A quick, easy way to cuts bulk hinge pin cable, our Alligator Nipper ensures clean cuts with no frayed ends. Ordering number is APC-1.

Four lbs. hammer - For installation of Flexco® Rivet Hinged and Rivet Plate fasteners.

Belt Nipper - For quick, easy notching of belt ends.

Card Cutter - Simplify the removal of carding paper from hooks.


Flexco® Belt Identification Tool - An easy way to mark important belt/splice information on your conveyor belts.

Silver Ink Belt Marking Pen - Easily mark the belt for squaring, dates, belt/splice information.