Belt Cleaner Accessories

Inspection Door
Flexco Inspection Doors can be used to visually inspect and/or service conveyor equipment. They may also serve as an access point for cleaning material buildup off conveyor belt cleaners or other equipment.

  • Multiple sizes available for a variety of applications. Door opening options are 12 x 12”, 12 x 18”, 18 x 24”, and 24 x 24” (300 x 300mm, 300 x 450mm, 450 x 600mm, and 600 x 600mm)
  • Adjustable Latch Mechanism. Tightness of door seal can be changed as needed by simply adjusting the nuts on the U-bolt.
  • Lockable Design. A padlock can be placed through the latch and door gusset to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the chute/enclosure.
  • Rated for Use in Environments Ranging from -70°F to 350°F (-56°C to 177°C)
  • Silicone Seal on Door. Helps provide a tight seal between the door and mounting plate.
  • Dust-tight Seal to Chute/Enclosure Wall. Doors are supplied with silicone sealant for a dust-tight seal between the mounting plate and the chute or enclosure wall.
  • Optional Screen. Serves as a guard that helps keeps hands and tools from being placed into the chute/enclosure, but still allows visual access. Screen is hinged on one side and bolted on the other so it does not require full removal for accessing the chute/enclosure. A tool is required to unbolt the screen.

Water Spray Pole System

Specially designed to help dislodge carryback fines embedded in the belt’s surface and enhance the performance of belt cleaners.
Features and Benefits:

  • Spray nozzles that are angled 45 degrees to the belt for a high pressure, low volume spray
  • Suspends fines, making belt cleaning easier and extending blade life
  • Easy-to-install system that is built for durability and minimal maintenance
  • Pressure regulator/control panel, a stainless steel pole, and powder-coated steel clamping brackets

Stabilizing Roller Bracket Kit

Designed to enhance secondary cleaner performance on belts that have become cupped, begun to flap, or have low tension.
Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to hold the belt flat and stable, so cleaner blades can make optimal belt contact
  • Stabilizing Roller Bracket that can adjust horizontally and vertically to fit any conveyor
  • Roller retainer slots that are built into both the upper and lower portions of the brackets so return roller can height can be adjusted
  • For use with your own on-site return roller


Live-Shaft Hold-Down Roll

Improves secondary cleaner performance on high-pressure, heavy-duty belts by preventing cupped, flapping, or loose belts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Holds high-tension belts flat, ensuring excellent contact surface between the belt and secondary cleaner.
  • HDR bracket kit allows vertical adjustment
  • Overall roll length is belt width + 6" (150 mm) and overall shaft length is belt width + 30" (750 mm)