Belt Positioner

For belts that continuously mistrack to one side of the conveyor, the Belt Positioner™ is a quick-fix solution. A simple solution that works on the return side belt, the Belt Positioner delivers consistent performance –– without overcompensating and causing the belt to “wander” from side to side.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two fixed, angled rollers that create a funneling action to guide the belt to the correct path
  • None of the belt damage associated with “tracking” devices that use pivot action and belt-edge guide rollers
  • No pivoting mechanism to freeze and seize associated with other tracking devices.
  • Results can often be seen in as few as five belt revolutions
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compatible with mechanically fastened, vulcanized and reversing belts
  • Effective and economical way of preventing belt and structural damage caused by mistracking


  • Available in four sizes to accommodate various systems
  • CoreTech, Exalon, and Steel rollers are standard


  • Any conveyor operation experiencing mistracking problems
  • Can be installed at the head pulley, before or after the take-up pulley, or anywhere on the return beltline
  • For belt widths from 18" – 96"  (450 –2400 mm)
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Product SizeBelt Width (inch)Item CodeDescriptionE-Catalog
Small (RBPER-S)18 - 2473169Exalon RollerView Item
Medium (RBPER-M)30 - 4873170Exalon RollerView Item
Large (RBPER-L)54 - 7273171Exalon RollerView Item
Extra Large (RBPER-XL)72 - 9673172Exalon RollerView Item
Small (RBPSR-S)18 - 2474562Steel RollerView Item
Medium (RBPSR-M)30 - 4874563Steel RollerView Item
Large (RBPSR-L)54 - 7274564Steel RollerView Item
Extra Large (RBPSR-XL)72 - 9674565Steel RollerView Item
Small (RBPCR-M)18 - 2478851CoreTech RollerView Item
Medium (RBPCR-M)30 - 4878852CoreTech RollerView Item
Large (RBPCR-L)54 - 7278853CoreTech RollerView Item
Extra Large (RBPCR-XL)72 - 9678854CoreTech RollerView Item