Clipper® 845LD Belt Cutter


The Clipper® 845LD Belt Cutter is a sturdy, safe and portable tool that is specially designed for cutting wide belts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Special flat-top blade design that remains fully enclosed for maximum operator safety
  • Easy-to-use lightweight, corrosion-resistant package
  • Can be chain-driven from either side to make clean cuts in both directions


  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate varying belt widths


  • For rubber or PVC belts up to 1/2” (12 mm) thick and up to 72” (1800 mm) wide
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Product SizeBelt Width (inch)Item CodeDescription
845836LD0 - 3632275Cutter complete for belts up to 0.5" (12mm)
845848LD0 - 4832276Cutter complete for belts up to 0.5" (12mm)
845860LD0 - 6032277Cutter complete for belts up to 0.5" (12mm)
845872LD0 - 7232278Cutter complete for belts up to 0.5" (12mm)
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