The long-lasting Econo-Cleat® is an economical way of increasing carrying capacity for a wide variety of material conveying, including harvesting and material handling.

Features and Benefits:

  • Curved shape of cleat makes it ideal for loads where bruising is a concern, such as grains or fruits
  • Incredibly long-lasting –– can often be reused after belt wears out
  • Mechanically fastened design that secures through belt and cleat to provide maximum strength and stability
  • Concave bottom that seals itself against the belt
  • No need for separate, internal cleat support
  • Available in high durability EPDM rubber that resists abrasion and weather


  • Agriculture harvesting and general material handling
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Product SizeMin Pulley DiamHeightLengthNumber per CartonItem CodeDescription
EC1 1/43"1.25"48.00"599576With Fasteners and Hex Nuts
EC1 1/4-C3"1.25"144.00"2099597No Fasteners
EC1 1/4-T3"1.25"48.00"599577With Fasteners and Flat Top Nuts
EC23"2.00"48.00"599578With Fasteners and Hex Nuts
EC2-C3"2.00"144.00"1599598No Fasteners
EC2-T3"2.00"48.00"599579With Fasteners and Flat Top Nuts
EC33"3.00"48.00"599580With Fasteners and Hex Nuts
EC3-C3"3.00"144.00"1099599No Fasteners
EC3-T3"3.00"48.00"599581With Fasteners and Flat Top Nuts
EC44"4.00"48.00"599582With Fasteners and Hex Nuts
EC4-C4"4.00"144.00"699601No Fasteners
EC4-T4"4.00"48.00"599583With Fasteners and Flat Top Nuts
EC66"6.00"48.00"299582With Fasteners and Hex Nuts
EC6-C6"6.00"144.00"399600No Fasteners