EZP1 Rockline® Precleaner

Effective and affordable, this solid-blade belt cleaner mounts on the head pulley and features do-it-yourself installation and minimal maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spring-tensioned for optimal belt contact and cleaning efficiency
  • Seamless interface with Flexco mechanical fasteners
  • Universal mounting plates for easy installation on chutes or open-head conveyors
  • Simple maintenance thanks to ability to visually inspect tensioning spring
  • Compact, streamlined design that requires only 4” of horizontal clearance
  • Optimal material path cleaning that minimizes differential wear between the ends of the blade and the center
  • Patented ConShear™ blade –– proprietary urethane formulation and “faceted profile” design that renews the blade edge as it wears


  • ConShear blade available in two sizes –– Belt Width Minus 2” and Belt Width Minus 8”
  • Can be combined with EZS2 Rockline® Secondary Cleaner for maximum cleaning power
  • Available with ConShear blades for standard (purple), high-temp (yellow), or chemical resistant/food grade (white) applications.


  • Aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood products operations
  • Primary cleaning position
  • For belt widths from 12” – 72” (300 – 1800 mm)
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Belt Width (inch)Blade Coverage (inch)Item CodeOrdering NumberMax Belt Speed (fpm)E-Catalog
121075610EZP1-212700View Item
181675611EZP1-218700View Item
242275612EZP1-224700View Item
302875613EZP1-230700View Item
363475614EZP1-236700View Item
424075615EZP1-242700View Item
484675616EZP1-248700View Item
545275617EZP1-254700View Item
605875618EZP1-260700View Item
727075771EZP1-272700View Item
181075779EZP1-818700View Item
241675780EZP1-824700View Item
302275781EZP1-830700View Item
362875782EZP1-836700View Item
423475783EZP1-842700View Item
484075784EZP1-848700View Item
544675785EZP1-854700View Item
605275786EZP1-860700View Item
726475774EZP1-872700View Item
121076658HTF212700View Item
181676659HTF218700View Item
242276660HTF224700View Item
302876661HTF230700View Item
363476662HTF236700View Item
424076663HTF242700View Item
484676664HTF248700View Item
545276665HTF254700View Item
605876666HTF260700View Item
727076667HTF272700View Item
121078934EZP1-212W700View Item
181678935EZP1-218W700View Item
242278936EZP1-224W700View Item
302878937EZP1-230W700View Item
363478938EZP1-236W700View Item
424078939EZP1-242W700View Item
484678940EZP1-248W700View Item
545278941EZP1-254W700View Item
605878942EZP1-260W700View Item
727078943EZP1-272W700View Item