Far-Pul® HD® Belt Clamps


Avoid the problems and potential dangers associated with homemade devices such as c-clamp, lumber and chains. Far-Pul® HD® Belt Clamps are specially designed to properly secure and clamp a belt for safe conveyor maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Securely grips belts
  • Load capacity up to three tons (2.7 metric tons) when used with two 1½-ton chain come-alongs
  • Provides even tensioning across the entire belt width
  • Retaining pins ensure scissors remain secured to the bar
  • Constructed from heat-treated extruded aluminum that resists seizing and corrosion in wet environments


  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate various belt widths


  • Aggregate, steel, coal, potash, grain, foundry and salt operations
  • For rubber covered and PVC belts from 7/32” (6 mm) to 1” (25 mm) thick and up to 30” – 72” (750 - 1800 mm) wide


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Product SizeBelt Width (inch)Item CodeDescription
LSHD300 - 3030393Belt Clamp Complete (4 Bars and 4 Scissors)
LSHD360 - 3630394Belt Clamp Complete (4 Bars and 4 Scissors)
LSHD420 - 4230395Belt Clamp Complete (4 Bars and 4 Scissors)
LSHD480 - 4830396Belt Clamp Complete (4 Bars and 4 Scissors)
LSHD540 - 5430397Belt Clamp Complete (4 Bars and 4 Scissors)
LSHD600 - 6030398Belt Clamp Complete (4 Bars and 4 Scissors)
LSHD720 - 7230399Belt Clamp Complete (4 Bars and 4 Scissors)
LSHDB30-20 - 3030418Belt Clamp Bar Set (2 bars)
LSHDB36-20 - 3630414Belt Clamp Bar Set (2 bars)
LSHDB42-20 - 4230421Belt Clamp Bar Set (2 bars)
LSHDB48-20 - 4830423Belt Clamp Bar Set (2 bars)
LSHDB54-20 - 5430424Belt Clamp Bar Set (2 bars)
LSHDB60-20 - 6030430Belt Clamp Bar Set (2 bars)
LSHDB72-20 - 7230408Belt Clamp Bar Set (2 bars)
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