When applied longitudinally on the outer edges of the belt, our Tatch-a-Cleat® Flanges are an effective way of containing material in flat conveyor applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extruded from neoprene rubber to provide extra flex and allow for easy passage over pulleys
  • Can be attached using heat welds, RF welds, or cold chemical bonds for a long-lasting, dependable performance
  • Approved by FDA for use in a variety of food-handling applications


  • Available in 1” (25 mm) and 1½ ” (38 mm) heights
  • Custom profiles, colors, and compounds can be produced upon request


  • Flat conveyor systems looking to enhance carry capacity
  • For systems with minimum pulley diameters of 6” – 8” (150 – 200 mm)


[Change to Metric]
Product SizeMin Pulley DiamHeightBase WidthNumber per CartonItem CodeDescription
FL1BNE6"1"0.75"599860Black, 45 Duro, 1200 lb. Tensile
FL1 1/2BNE8"1 1/2"1.00"599861Black, 45 Duro, 1200 lb. Tensile