Flex-Lag® Diamond Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Flex-Lag® Diamond Ceramic is specially designed to deliver the performance advantages of ceramic lagging –– at much more affordable price.

Features and Benefits:

  • Same pattern as our Flex-Lag Diamond Rubber Lagging with a molded-in ceramic tile for additional friction
  • Excellent water drainage and dispersal thanks to diamond pattern grooves
  • Ideal for systems with medium tension belt drives and those that experience higher than expected wear on rubber lagging
  • Comes in convenient 21’ (6500 mm) cut-to-fit rolls
  • None of the waste associated with conventional sheet materials


  • Available in SBR rubber and FRAS approved rubber


  • Any operation experiencing slippage problems     
  • For systems with pulley diameters from 12” – 72” (300 – 1800 mm)


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PatternTHICKNESS (INCH)LENGTH (FEET)MaterialItem CodeOrdering Number
Diamond Ceramic1/221SBR7115512NDC6.5/21
Diamond Ceramic1/221FRAS7115912FRDC6.5/21
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