Flex-Lag® Weld-On Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Specially designed to eliminate the vibration sometimes associated with ceramic lagging, our Weld-On™ Ceramic features a gutterless design for smooth, chatter-free performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highest coefficient of friction available –– two to three times that of conventional rubber lagging
  • Overlapping panel design that eliminates the wide gaps in conventional weld-on lagging products
  • Exceptional performance in wet, muddy, or dry conditions
  • Surface pattern of raised “buttons” that embed themselves into the belt’s underside for non-abrasive traction
  • Designed to CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturing Association) pulley width standards


  • Systems with slippage problems that require a high degree of friction and a quiet operation
  • For belt widths from 18” – 72” (450 – 1800 mm) and pulley diameters of 16” – 30” (405 – 750 mm) and over


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Full Ceramic185/82016-29SBR71131WCLN18-16
Full Ceramic245/82616-29SBR71132WCLN24-16
Full Ceramic245/82630+SBR71150WCLN24-30
Full Ceramic305/83216-29SBR71133WCLN30-16
Full Ceramic305/83230+SBR71134WCLN30-30
Full Ceramic365/83816-29SBR71135WCLN36-16
Full Ceramic365/83830+SBR71136WCLN36-30
Full Ceramic425/84416-29SBR71137WCLN42-16
Full Ceramic425/84430+SBR71138WCLN42-30
Full Ceramic485/85116-29SBR71139WCLN48-16
Full Ceramic485/85130+SBR71144WCLN48-30
Full Ceramic545/85716-29SBR71149WCLN54-16
Full Ceramic545/85730+SBR71145WCLN54-30
Full Ceramic605/86316-29SBR71165WCLN60-16
Full Ceramic605/86330+SBR71146WCLN60-30
Full Ceramic725/87516-29SBR71151WCLN72-16
Full Ceramic725/87530+SBR71147WCLN72-30
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