Flexco® BR Rivet Solid Plate System

Recommended for the most demanding high-tension applications, BR™ Rivet Plate Fasteners have a staggered, multiple-point attachment for an incredibly long-lasting hold.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide, heavy-gauge plates for long wear and a sift-free splice
  • Smooth, Scalloped Edge™ profile that eliminates potential hang-ups
  • Multi-point rivet attachments that pass between the belt's carcass fibers to ensure maximum grip
  • Works extremely well with straight warped belts
  • Compatible with troughed belts


  • Available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your needs
  • Chose from portable hand and power installation options


  • High-tension applications in limestone, crushed rock, sand and gravel, hard rock mining and cement
  • For belts from 1/4" – 15/16” (6 – 24 mm) thick with mechanical fastener ratings from 400 – 800 P.I.W. (70 – 140 kN/m) and minimum pulley diameters from 14” – 36” (350 – 900 mm)
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Product SizeMin Pulley DiamPIW maxBelt Thickness
BR614"4001/4" - 21/32"
BR1018"6507/32" - 11/16"
BR1436"80013/32" - 15/16"
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