MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Precleaner

One of most rugged cleaners, the MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Precleaner has been engineered to handle the most abusive conditions –– such as wet, sticky fire clay –– while maintaining constant cleaning force.

Features and Benefits:

  • A powerful, telescoping three-piece pole that maintains a consistent blade attack angle without twisting or bowing under heavy carryback impact or fast belt speeds
  • Quick-change blade cartridge allows for fast, easy maintenance
  • SuperShear™ blades –– segmented 6” blades with 8” of useable blade wear
  • Seamless interface with Flexco mechanical fasteners due to the unique design of the pole, shock-absorbing tensioners, and the blade’s “force distributor vents”
  • Optimal material path cleaning that minimizes differential wear between the end blades and the center blades


  • Available with self-contained dual spring tensioners or automatic air/water or nitrogen tensioners
  • Extra wide sizes are available upon request
  • Portable Air Tensioners (PAT) available


  • Underground, hard rock, and metal mining
  • Primary cleaning position
  • For belt widths from 24" – 84" (600 – 2100 mm)
  • Can be combined with MHS HD Secondary Cleaner for maximum cleaning power in the most abusive applications

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Belt Width (inch)Max Belt Speed (fpm)Blade Coverage (inch)Item CodeOrdering NumberDescriptionE-Catalog
2412001875929MHCP-24SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
3612003075931MHCP-36SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
4212003675932MHCP-42SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
4812004275933MHCP-48SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
5412004875934MHCP-54SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
6012005475935MHCP-60SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
7212006675936MHCP-72SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
8412007876800MHCP-84SSpring Tensioner (PST)View Item
2412001876384MHCP-24NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
3012002476385MHCP-30NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
3612003076386MHCP-36NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
4212003676387MHCP-42NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
4812004276388MHCP-48NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
5412004876389MHCP-54NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
6012005476390MHCP-60NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
7212006676391MHCP-72NNitrogen Tensioner (NT)View Item
8412007876801MHCP-84AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
2412001875937MHCP-24AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
3012002475938MHCP-30AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
3612003075939MHCP-36AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
4212003675940MHCP-42AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
4812004275941MHCP-48AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
5412004875942MHCP-54AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
6012005475943MHCP-60AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
7212006675944MHCP-72AAir/Water Tensioner (AWT)View Item
2412001878723MHCP-24PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
3012002478724MHCP-30PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
3612003078725MHCP-36PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
4212003678726MHCP-42PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
4812004278727MHCP-48PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
5412004878728MHCP-54PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
6012005478729MHCP-60PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
7212006678730MHCP-72PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
8412007878731MHCP-84PPortable Air Tensioner (PAT)View Item
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