MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaner

MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaner is the ideal solution for tough applications that call for more than a standard-duty system, but don’t require the aggressiveness of heavy-duty cleaner.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple, on-site installation
  • Heavy-duty pole made of powder-coated steel extra stability and corrosion resistance
  • Universal mounting plates for easy installation on head pulleys
  • Optimal material path cleaning that minimizes differential wear between the ends of the blade and the center
  • Seamless interface with Flexco mechanical fasteners
  • Compact design requires only 4" (100 mm) of horizontal clearance
  • Dual Quick Mount Tensioners (QMT) –– keep the blade powered to the belt and allow for easy visual inspection
  • 10” (250mm) TuffShear™ blade –– designed for high abrasion resistance and a lifespan that’s up to 30 percent longer than conventional blades


  • TuffShear™ blade available in three sizes –– Belt Width Minus 6”, Minus 12”, and Minus 18”
  • Special sizes available upon request
  • Pole extenders available
  • Combine with MHS HD Secondary Cleaner to create a system delivering maximum cleaning power
  • Portable Air Tensioners (PAT) available


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, and bulk material handling
  • Primary cleaning position
  • For belt widths from 24" – 84" (600 – 2100 mm); poles can accommodate belt widths plus 54" (1350 mm)

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Belt Width (inch)Blade Coverage (inch)Item CodeOrdering NumberMax Belt Speed (fpm)E-Catalog
241876450MMP-6241000View Item
302476451MMP-6301000View Item
363076452MMP-6361000View Item
423676453MMP-6421000View Item
484276454MMP-6481000View Item
544876455MMP-6541000View Item
605476456MMP-6601000View Item
726676457MMP-6721000View Item
847876458MMP-6841000View Item
301876551MMP-12301000View Item
362476552MMP-12361000View Item
423076553MMP-12421000View Item
483676554MMP-12481000View Item
544276555MMP-12541000View Item
604876556MMP-12601000View Item
726076557MMP-12721000View Item
847276799MMP-12841000View Item
241878706MMP-624P1000View Item
302478707MMP-630P1000View Item
363078708MMP-636P1000View Item
423678709MMP-642P1000View Item
484278710MMP-648P1000View Item
544878711MMP-654P1000View Item
605478712MMP-660P1000View Item
726678713MMP-672P1000View Item
847878714MMP-684P1000View Item
301878715MMP-1230P1000View Item
362478716MMP-1236P1000View Item
423078717MMP-1242P1000View Item
483678718MMP-1248P1000View Item
544278719MMP-1254P1000View Item
604878720MMP-1260P1000View Item
726078721MMP-1272P1000View Item
726078721MMP-1272P1000View Item
847278722MMP-1284P1000View Item