MSP Standard Mine-Duty Precleaner

Designed to withstand the demands of mining applications, the MSP Standard-Duty Precleaner combines do-it-yourself installation, easy  maintenance, and highly effective cleaning.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spring tensioned for optimal belt contact and cleaning efficiency
  • Quick change blade, no tools required and all maintenance work is done from the easy-access side of the beltline
  • Seamless interface with Flexco mechanical fasteners
  • Universal mounting plates for easy installation on head pulleys
  • Optimal material path cleaning that minimizes differential wear between the ends of the blade and the center
  • Quick Mount Tensioner (QMT) –– simplifies maintenance; blade tension levels can be quickly inspected by measuring spring length
  • Patented ConShear™ blade –– proprietary urethane formulation and “faceted profile” design that renews the blade edge as it wears


  • ConShear blade available in three sizes –– Belt Width Minus 2”, Minus 8”, and Minus 14”
  • ATEX approved cleaners with FRAS blades available for use in explosive environments


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, and aggregate
  • Primary cleaning position
  • For belt widths from 24" – 84" (600 – 2100 mm); poles can accommodate belt widths plus 54" (1350 mm)



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Belt Width (inch)Blade Coverage (inch)Max Belt Speed (fpm)Item CodeOrdering NumberATEX ApprovedE-Catalog
242270075787MSP-224NoView Item
302870075788MSP-230NoView Item
363470075789MSP-236NoView Item
424070075790MSP-242NoView Item
484670075791MSP-248NoView Item
545270075792MSP-254NoView Item
605870075793MSP-260NoView Item
727070075794MSP-272NoView Item
241670075795MSP-824NoView Item
848270075796MSP-284NoView Item
302270075796MSP-830NoView Item
362870075797MSP-836NoView Item
423470075798MSP-842NoView Item
484070075799MSP-848NoView Item
544670075800MSP-854NoView Item
605270075801MSP-860NoView Item
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090271MSP-650-50-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090272MSP-800-50-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090273MSP-1000-50-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090274MSP-1200-50-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090275MSP-1400-50-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090276MSP-1600-50-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090277MSP-650-200-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090278MSP-800-200-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090279MSP-1000-200-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090280MSP-1200-200-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090281MSP-1400-200-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090282MSP-1600-200-AYes 
See Metric SpecificationsSee Metric Specifications70090309MSP-1800-200-AYes 
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