PUN M Mobile Finger Punch

The PUN M is designed to effortlessly punch fingers into PU and PVC conveyor belts in preparation for installing vulcanized splices. Depending on the desired finger dimensions, we offer a variety of punchboards for the PUN M. Punchboards are sold separately.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manually operated and does not need electricity or air pressure
  • Easy to set-up and use on location
  • Simple operation - One end of the belt is placed against the end-stop with one hand. With a simple movement of the other hand the belt is fixed in the desired position with the clamping bar
  • Punching force of 50 kN


  • Available in 3 standard widths: 12" (300 mm), 24" (600 mm), and 36" (900 mm)
  • Punchboards available for fingers 50 x 20 mm, 70 x 15 mm, 80 x 20 mm
  • Bias Finger Punchboards (items 08439 & 08440)
  • Bias Finger-Over-Finger Punchboards (items 08539, 08540, 08526)
  • Custom punchboard quotation available on request


  • Belt shops
  • On-site jobs
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Product SizeItem CodeFunctional Tool Width (inch)Weight (lbs)Description
PUN-M-300080161237PUN M 300 Punch
PUN-B-50x20-30008019Pun M 300 Punchboard
PUN-B-70x15-30008022Pun M 300 Punchboard
PUN-B-80x20-30008025Pun M 300 Punchboard
PUN-B-50x18x31-300-BIAS08539Pun M 300 Punchboard Biased
PUN-M-600080172446PUN M 600 Punch
PUN-B-50x20-60008020Pun M 600 Punchboard
PUN-B-70x15-60008023Pun M 600 Punchboard
PUN-B-80x20-60008026Pun M 600 Punchboard
PUN-B-70x15-60008023Pun M 600 Punchboard
PUN-B-80x20-600-BIAS08439Pun M 600 Punchboard Biased
PUN-B-50x18x31-600-BIAS08540Pun M 600 Punchboard Biased
PUN-M-900080183654PUN M 900 Punch
PUN-B-50x20-90008021Pun M 900 Punchboard
PUN-B-70x15-90008024Pun M 900 Punchboard
PUN-B-80x20-90008027Pun M 900 Punchboard
PUN-B-80x20-900-BIAS08440Pun M 900 Punchboard Biased
PUN-B-50x18x31-900-BIAS08526Pun M 900 Punchboard Biased