PT Smart Belt Trainer

The PT Smart™ Belt Trainer takes our patented “pivot and tilt” design and puts it into a more economical, medium duty trainer. Instantly reacting and compensating for belt misalignment, the PT Smart ensures the belt stays away from the structure and the material stays on the belt. The PT Smart is an affordable solution for even the most stubborn tracking problems on medium-tension belts.

Features and Benefits

  • Sensor Rollers along both belt edges help drive the pivot/tilt action
  • Durable, Teflon reinforced bearing requires no lubrication and is guaranteed not to seize
  • Simple, adjustable mounting brackets ensure quick and accurate installation
  • Easy-to-order with a one-working-day lead time
  • Works with both mechanical and vulcanized belts
  • 2-Year “No Risk” Performance Guarantee


  • Available in standard and underground models for a variety of applications


  • Medium-Duty belts up to 1600 PIW and 1” (25 mm) thick
  • Belt widths from 18” – 72” (450 – 1800 mm)


[Change to Metric]
Product SizeBelt Width (inch)Item Code
18" PT Smart Standard1877664
24" PT Smart Standard 1877665
30" PT Smart Standard 1877666
36" PT Smart Standard1877667
42" PT Smart Standard1877668
48" PT Smart Standard1877669
54" PT Smart Standard1877670
60" PT Smart Standard1877671
72" PT Smart Standard1877672
30" PT Smart Underground Structure 1877673
36" PT Smart Underground Structure1877674
42" PT Smart Underground Structure 1877675
48" PT Smart Underground Structure 1877676
54" PT Smart Underground Structure1877677
60" PT Smart Underground Structure 1877678
72" PT Smart Underground Structure 1877679