SmartClamp* Belt Clamps


The SmartClamp system provides both safety and efficiency when clamping belts for the installation of Clipper® and Alligator® mechanical belt fasteners.

Features and Benefits:

  • Large impact plate for easy striking surface
  • Only needs a quick tap of a hammer to prelock the wedges. Attach and tighten come-alongs and the final lock is engaged. This fast setup saves precious and costly time during a breakdown situation
  • Return Spring Post holds wedges up so belt can be easily slid into clamping position
  • Beveled edges of the housing permit easy belt engagement. Elimination of sharp corners and edges provide a smoother transition from clamp to belt, reducing the chance of belt damage
  • Ribbed lower wedge and grooved housing provide additional holding strength


  • For belts up to 5/16” thick (8 mm)  


  • Package Handling
  • Recycling
  • Airports

Patent number:  7,552,517