Model L

Ideal for incline conveying in light-duty applications, our mechanically attached Model L cleats prevent rollback, as well as material marking and bruising.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of high tensile strength, FDA-approved Nitrile rubber that stands up to hot oils and acids, weathering, and aging
  • Fully rounded top that prevents damage to load
  • Smooth exterior that speeds cleanup and prevents material buildup
  • Patented pressure cups at the base that draw the cleat down and seal it to the belt
  • No reinforcing fabric to mildew and nothing to rust


  • Available in heights from 5/8" (15 mm) to 3" (75 mm)


  • Food processing, package handling, parts handling, harvesting, and light industrial applications
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Product SizeMin Pulley DiamHeightLengthNumber per CartonItem CodeDescription
L5/8-B2"0.63"24.00"1099500Black, Plated Fastener
L5/8-BS2"0.63"24.00"1099501Black, 302 Stainless Fastener
L5/8-W2"0.63"24.00"1099502White, Plated Fastener
L5/8-WS2"0.63"24.00"1099503White, 302 Stainless Fastener
L1-B2"1.00"24.00"1099504Black, Plated Fastener
L1-BS2"1.00"24.00"1099505Black, 302 Stainless Fastener
L1-W2"1.00"24.00"1099506White, Plated Fastener
L1-WS2"1.00"24.00"1099507White, 302 Stainless Fastener
L1 1/2-B2"1.50"24.00"1099508Black, Plated Fastener
L1 1/2-BS2"1.50"24.00"1099509Black, 302 Stainless Fastener
L1 1/2-W2"1.50"24.00"1099510White, Plated Fastener
L1 1/2-WS2"1.50"24.00"1099511White, 302 Stainless Fastener
L2-B2"2.00"24.00"1099512Black, Plated Fastener
L2-BS2"2.00"24.00"1099513Black, 302 Stainless Fastener
L2-W2"2.00"24.00"1099514White, Plated Fastener
L2-WS2"2.00"24.00"1099515White, 302 Stainless Fastener
L3-B2"3.00"24.00"1099516Black, Plated Fastener
L3-BS2"3.00"24.00"1099517Black, 302 Stainless Fastener
L3-W2"3.00"24.00"1099518White, Plated Fastener
L3-WS2"3.00"24.00"1099519White, 302 Stainless Fastener