If you have a belt that is mistracking over a split or grooved pulley, our easy-to-install Tatch-A-Guide® is a simple and effective solution. It is also a suitable replacement for belts with damaged or missing v-guides.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be mechanically attached to underside of belt using only a belt punch and screwdriver
  • Tapered guide ends that ensure self-alignment in grooved pulleys
  • Notched design that provides easy flexing over pulleys
  • Made from high tensile strength neoprene rubber that resists abrasion and oil
  • Secure attachment and tight seal thanks to vulcanized brass inserts


  • Available in various sizes


  • Systems with grooved pulleys
  • For systems with minimum pulley diameters of 4” – 8” (100 – 200 mm)


[Change to Metric]
Product SizeMin Pulley DiamLengthNumber per CartonItem CodeDescription
A104"8"1099551Plated (10/ctn)
B106"8"1099553Plated (10/ctn)
C108"9 1/4"1099555Plated (10/ctn)
C10S8"9 1/4"1099556Stainless